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Toyota's AC Power System

sas ac2Toyota’s AC² is the combination of the advanced Toyota AC electrically powered motor(s) and Toyota’s micro-processor powered controller. This system uses the latest software technology for optimal financial management and operating profit.

The system also uses energy-saving technologies as a result of which the Toyota fork-lift trucks work longer and more efficiently than their competitors.

The Toyota AC² Power System has paved the way for a new generation of electric fork-lift trucks which combine unrivalled driver comfort with extremely precise operation.

The Toyota AC² Power System integrates a powerful, regenerative brake system which makes driving safer and more natural.

What AC stands for:
AC stands for “Alternating Current” and is a way of transferring energy from a battery to an electric motor. The AC motor offers greater efficiency, is smaller and more reliable. The AC systems use a controller in order to manage the voltage and the power delivered to the motor.

The great difference is that an AC controller first converts the power from the battery from a direct current to an alternating current.

The Toyota AC motors are more compact than conventional DC motors, which allows the driver’s seat to be arranged more ergonomically. All the AC benefits (outstanding acceleration, higher top speeds and lifting speeds and longer battery life than the conventional system) contribute towards increased productivity. The construction of the AC motor also reduces the production of heat, which benefits the durability and reliability of the fork-lift truck.

Advantages of AC motors in relation to DC motors:

- no carbon brushes or collectors needed, which therefore saves on maintenance, AC motors develop a higher torque.

– Simple and compact motor construction

– No contactors for changing of direction or regenerative braking

– Many more setting possible which strongly improve performance, comfort and productivity.

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